ASCO 2020: The phase 2 PANDA study in elderly mCRC patients with RAS-BRAF wt tumors showed that 5FU/LV plus panitumumab followed by panitumumab maintenance until PD might be an option.

ESMO 2019: Quality of life during 1st-line FOLFOXIRI+/- panitumumab in RAS wild-type metastatic colorectal cancer

Results from the randomized VOLFI trial (AIO KRK-0109) showed that the increased toxicity with FOLFOXIRI+/- panitumumab treatment did not translate into impaired quality of life. (Poster 580P, M. Geissler et al.).
A retrospective analysis of PRIME study (FOLFOX +/- Panitumumab as 1L in mCRC) assessed whether Köhne category predicts Early Tumor Shrinkage and Depth of Response and whether survival outcomes of patients achieving ETS or high DpR differ according to baseline Köhne category.
Panitumumab posters at ESMO

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